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Stephen Murray Hijinx


Oakley Beginner
Favorite pair by far! thinking about putting in some gold polar or ruby lenses, what would jew do?


a little something for the haters

i would put some slate lenses in there, that looks pretty sweet with the print!
im getting it finished in about two weeks but that picture was taken a half hour after i got it haha.

probably going to get some polarized lenses for these and give them to my dad since he has the same lion...
So, has anybody else picked these up? I really like the artwork and would like to see somebody wearing them. Looks like they should be shipping in about a month according to Oakley's website.
i think these are one of the most under rated pairs... personally, i love the graphics... and the lions on the icons are a nice touch!!

i feel i have to jump in to share mine too... :tongue:


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