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  1. DrtyHarry

    DrtyHarry Oakley Collector

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    It's really rather frustrating trying to figure out issues with the Square Wire series of glasses....Oakley made it a bit difficult and confusing. It's not just me, many have said it.

    OK....so I wear Square Wire 2.0 glasses. I have been doing so for over a decade. Only other type I wear are the Squared X Metal. Anyway, I wanted to get a pair in silver as mine were always black. And upon searching for a silver set, I came across the "Ti" Square Wires...I like the color better than the silver, and learned that they were lighter. Oh...and all the glasses I am talking about have hinges.

    Trying to find lenses for my old glasses was a nightmare...I eventually found a pair from Fuse (I think that's the name), Revant didn't make them, found a blue set here, and actually bought a brand new set off eBay.

    Going back to the "Ti" glasses, will those use the same lenses as the Square Wire 2.0 hinged glasses that don't say TITANIUM on the inside of the nose bridge? I bought a set and am waiting for them....I am hoping they will use the same lenses as my other square wires 2.0. Anyone know for sure?? THANKS!
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