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I know exactly where your coming from, anything with a shitload of computer control eats batteries for lunch if they are not a daily driver. After 2 batteries in 3 years on the 911 I now have a permanent battery maintainer wired in. Sick ride by the way! Launch control?
for sure. I think I’ll keep the battery disconnected. Easy to connect when I’m going to drive it.

I’ve done a true launched once. Remember when Han Solo would make the jump to light speed and the stars just blurred and u ended up in another galaxy. Well, I equate that to the way it felt. Seriously.

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Side note to all of this, is anyone in here in So Flo? I'm in Jupiter and really don't know anyone in the car community. Been trying to find some people but don't really know anyone into cars here.
Happened to find this completely at random, but I live in Jupiter as well. Not too much into the car scene and just enjoy driving my vehicles, which this time of year is going to start to suck. I am more so looking to get into using my wife's raptor for a little more fun though. And obviously pull my trailer and meth lab. @Litos


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