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What type of Oakley frame will fit the best? -> next guy infected... :-)

Hello fellow sufferers,
I got another friend infected with the Oakley virus...
I wanted to ask you guys what do you think which Oakley suits the head shape of a friend of mine best. In the picture he is wearing one of my Fuel Cells. It actually fits well, but it could be a bit bigger. What do you think? which frame suits him best? gladly also with pictures and if it is for sale I am happy about an offer.
I thank you in advance

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View attachment 988093
Some old some new. Hope this would help.






Oil Rig II!

Ah for a big head though is it comfortable? I’m curious myself because I’ve been wanting an Oil Rig but I keep thinking that it might be like the Batwolf. And that frame while I would love to have one one does not fit me whatsoever

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