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Wife's first pair :)


Oakley Enthusiast
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while on vacation in vegas, we visited the Oakley store. Of course i found another pair for myself & Oakley was having a sale 40% off of second pair. finally, my wife found a pair she loves Pulse sunglasses, Rasp Spritzer - G40 Black. Today she just got the eye prescription so we'll be off to Oakley for her next step. I'm new to the oakley family, only 5 pairs plus one pair with script.

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:welcome: to the forum!

Got my wife her first Oakley pair few months ago. Breast cancer awareness Overtime. Now trying to get there other pairs in the theme.


Smile you son of a bitch
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New Jersey, USA
My wife got a pair of Fallout Frogs: matte tortoise / fire polar and she loves them.
Most likely not an addiction or getting any more soon as she says I can only wear one pair at a time, so this is the only pair I need. I try to point out the flaw in her logic, but she is not having it.

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