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I recently got a new job in downtown Atlanta. As I was walking around last week I happened to see an Atlanta streetcar driver who was stopped picking up some people. I did a double take when I saw that he was wearing a pair of polished blue iridium juliets. That is the first time I have seen someone else wearing metals in years.
Welcome to my hometown.

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if you're ever in Bangor , N. Ireland you'll see me wearing mine every day. I've got three pairs of Gen 1 polished hammerstem Juliets with emerald, ice and tungsten lenses and they get regular face time. I do see the odd pair of x metals, mostly at car shows believe it or not.


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Guy at Costco had a pair of self custom Infinite Hero XS on. The purple earsocks were short making me think he cut a regular sock in half for the look. Had the Violet lenses. Even though we were on the same aisles multiple times I didnt say anything since he seemed like the guy who wouldn't know what I was talking about even though I was wearing a Plasma XX......with Violet lenses.


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My wife and I was sitting at a large table in a beer garden in the Black Forest. We both wore Juliets. Opposite me sat a guy and his friends. He wore fake Radars. I didn't say anything to him. He wore the glasses with so much joy that I couldn't bring myself to educate him or embarrass him in front of his friends.
He didn't notice our Oakleys either.


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I have a buddy that has three pairs of Juliet’s. He s the one that got me into the whole x metal line. I remember he used to wear all but one ( the Ducati ones). Now that I m into them I favor the XS. Haven’t wore them out as of yet bc waiting to get my script put into them. Kinda hard to enjoy them when you can’t see. Lol. However when I do, they ll be my in working sunglasses. The turbines I have will be my knock around working shades.


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Been catching up on a History Channel series called "Top Shot", basically Big Brother/ Survivor for shooters. Season 1 had an instructor wearing a Copper MM and in season 2 a competitor wears Plasma/Fire Juliets and a pair of MD's also.

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