1st generation

  1. Mike.vanderkoon

    X Metal Color Label Sku List

    I’m starting this thread since we do not have a dedicated thread to the old school color labels that were on specific skus. My intention are the following: Create a compiled master sku list for the skus that at one point were released with a color label. I believe I have the complete list but...
  2. U

    Sold Romeo 1 early release with square stems XM

    Xmetal R1 1st release so square stems. Frames is mint! Maybe among the best 3 frames I've had. All rubber , including the upper and lower gaskets are OEM and in great condition with plenty of life. Lenses are good for display or possible wear but are beginning to peel inside. I am including...
  3. U

    Sold Juliet plasma w/ emerald 1st gen #SOLD

    Hi O-family for sale Juliet plasma with emerald iridium, serialized frame 1st gen, are used but in excellent condition , lenses have some marks of use, does not affect or bother the vision, came with mf-bag only. Condition USED Serial JE017917 Frame 9/10 Lenses 8/10 Rubbers...
  4. U

    Sold MINT Juliet xmetal w/ Black iridium 1st gen SKU: 04-110 #SOLD

    Hi O-family... Need new house for this awasome Juliet 1st gen Xmetal frame with Black Iridium lenses. The glasses are in perfect condition, very mint, the right lens has two small points that do not bother the vision and not appreciated almost , I can not show it in the picture, are complete...
  5. U

    Sold 1st Gen Plasma Juliet (IP serial) Infinite hero custom

    Good day O-Family, I have for your consideration a 1st generation Juliet plasma ice polarized (serial IP007290) which I have customised into a Infinite hero... I searched for some time to find the frame to perform this custom job as I didn't want to just use any plasma frame, it had to be a...
  6. aleXmetals1269

    Deja vu

    Last year on this day I was able to buy my first pair of romeo 1 (plasma). So last night I was remembering that special day I was so lucky to get a pair like this on Christmas day for a not even half the price of a decent pair now. I never saw a pair for sale again on Craigslist for the rest...
  7. U

    Sold WTS Juliet Xmetal w/ Black Iridium 1st gen #SOLD

    Hi family, I rescued a friend drawer this Juliet, almost unused, the frame and the lenses are no bumps or scratches, but the bridge of the nose, is busy, need tune-up, low serial, came with bag only, if someone wants, it takes on the same price I paid to him, plus shipping. Serial J006473 Frame...
  8. P

    Real or Fake First Generation Frogskins?

    I recently picked up these Oakley Frogskins from a second hand store. I've heard about the first generation Frogskins that were made in Japan and I'm hoping they're authentic. What do you think?
  9. VolleyballDude

    1st GEN Frogskins Repair and/or Recycle

    Would appreciate it if I could ask for your assistance with some rare Frogskins I have had 'kicking around in a box' for well over a decade now that are in need of some help. I played Pro Beach Volleyball in Canada (yes we have beaches when the snow goes away) in the late 80's and into the early...
  10. BenOBrien

    1st Gen M-Frame - Cracks In Frame

    I was wondering what Cracks in the frame, or cracks where the arm connects to the frame, would do to the value of a otherwise mint pair of 1st Gen M-Frames, From what I've seen in past auctions, and from others experience owning these glasses, it is common for them to have cracks in the middle...
  11. J

    1st Juliets. 1st gen. Woo hoo

    Obviously seen some wear but I'm happy for a 15yo pair of O'sO's
  12. SiRacer420

    JI from craigslist

    I always troll craigslist. There is usually someone selling something good, but never great. In fact, I've never once seen any X-metal for sale. So I've been watching these Juliets (first gen plasma/ice) on ebay because the guy selling them is in my city. He had them up for 350 with no bids. So...
  13. pupusasrock

    Lens Rattle

    I have a pair of lenses that were in a set of Gen 1 Juliets and I just took them out and moved them to a pair of Polished frames. They are much looser in the polished frames so much so that both rattle when you move the glasses. Any ideas on how to fix would be appreciated. Not sure what I...
  14. Frogskins

    Gen 1 Royal Blue

  15. Frogskins

    Retro ...

    Like new - came with original bag and original box ...
  16. rightcoastnj

    Gen 1 Frogs W/ Fire Irid

    Just got these in from Dyeraudio, took out the old beat up lenses and replaced them with brand new fire iridium. The frames could use a polish, but otherwise, theyre beautiful. Theyre for my girlfriend as a gift, but i couldnt resist wearing them first!
  17. Cargo

    My First Frogs

    I just got these from a friend who picked them up at an estate sale for...............$0.50. To me these look to be first gen. but Im no expert. Anybody know what the color these lenses are?
  18. joshviiv

    Japanese Gen 1's

    picked up these beauties. poor woman had no idea what she was holding onto, bought them in the late 80s, never wore them. i got them for $70AUD ;) original microfiber bag and all!
  19. 1970BNER

    1st Generation Frogskin Trade Value?

    Hi everybody, Newbie here, I first wanted to start out by say how cool it is to see so me folks down for the Frogs! With that said, I wanted to get some feedback on trade value on a pair of Frogs. I just acquired was a pair of BINB 1st generation Frogs in the box with all original paper...
  20. Tommy_DTA

    Replacement 1st Generation Frogskins Lenses and Specs?

    What are the exact specs on the very 1st edition frogskins? i have some dude telling me mine are not 1st gens but 2nd. if i can get some clarification on what exactly makes them a 1st gen that would be awesome and is there anyone that makes replacement lenses for the 1st gen frog skins...
  21. D

    Got A Pair Of 1st Gen Frogskins

    Got these from an estate sale. They are just about perfect and were stored in a case for the last 25 years. Got them for $ 58.00.