1. Fullmetalcowgirl

    Oakley XX

    Hello! Just wanted an opinion on these XX pair. I don’t own any other XX so I’m not sure what they should look like. They are very nice but I can’t see any other mark except the XX on the inside between the lenses, so I actually am wondering if they’re legit.
  2. Fullmetalcowgirl

    Fake or real?

    Hello! I found a pair of 4th gen Juliet, so they have no serial number. They seem legit to me, I’ve seen both real and fake xmetal but How can I be sure? Should I ask pics of some specific details? Also the price is strangely low.
  3. Fullmetalcowgirl

    Not sure about authenticity and model

    Hello! Just bought these online, I think they could be C wire, but I am not sure. The model actually exists and the details are perfect but they look kinda odd to me. Maybe they’ve just been adulterated to fit someone’s face? The rubber pads fitted perfectly but I removed them since they were...
  4. T

    Official Fakes/Possible Fakes Inquiry Thread (ARE THESE FAKE? POST FAKES HERE)

    This thread serves as the consolidated area to inquire whether your Oakley's are fake, potential fakes or real. Post your pictures and include any relevant details. For tips and guides on how to spot fakes based on model, check the link below...
  5. A

    Are these fake or authentic?

    How can I know if a pair is fake or legit? I ran into this item on ebay (Oakley WHISKER SUNGLASSES SATIN BLACK / PRIZM BLACK POLARIZED OO4141-0360 | eBay) All looks good (barcode, model number on handles, compared with similar ones my brother has), on the other hand, the price is low (150 vs...
  6. M

    Oakley pitbulls, fake or real.

    I recently purchased another pair of pitbull sunglasses but as these are now discontinued I had to go down the eBay route. Having received them I have noticed differences between my originals and these but am unsure if this is because they are Asian fit, normal variations or they are in fact...
  7. P

    Please help local seller has shadow bob and i wanna authenticate.

    Hey guys i hope someone can help. A local seller here has a shadow bob head and he is asking a good price for it in my opinion. everything looks right i just dont know i get a sketchy vibe. i dont know much about these i just know my dad really wants one. could someone do me a huge favor and...
  8. D

    Is Sunglass Oasis a legit site?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience buying from Sunglass Oasis online. Does anyone know if the sunglasses they sell are authentic or fake? They have great prices. They claim to be authentic, and seem to have an actual store in Florida. There's no TrustPilot or Google reviews...
  9. K

    Genuine X-Metal Juliet? Also condition questions.

    Hi. A few years ago, a friend gave me a pair of Oakleys that he no longer wanted. I never really wore them, so now I am thinking about putting them on ebay or something. It turns out though, that I know nothing about them. I am pretty sure that they are X-Metal Juliets made after 2004...