1. B

    Broken Oakley Wiretap bow.

    Greetings everyone. I have a pair of Oakley Wiretap sunglasses. I really liked these sunglasses, and they were my second pair of metal framed sunglasses. Both parties broke in the same place. The first pair I bought on Ebay, and they were used. So, I didn't really get that upset when they broke...
  2. L

    Broken Razorblade arms repair

    So I’ve posted before about my Razorblades’ arms and their loose hinges, but now I’ve gone and broke them. I dropped them and they just broke right on the hinge. What I wanted to find out is if this is a fixable problem? I have all the pieces that broke, would it be possible to repair them? I...
  3. TheDukeOfIce

    Found Single Juliet Left Side Orbital Frame only

    I am looking to buy a Juliet Orbital Frame only (left side) (as your looking at the glasses). I have a practice nose bridge already, and am looking to learn how to do the nose bridge pin insertion, and need the orbital frame next :) Condition can be anything, it’s only for practice - just need...
  4. B

    Can they be saved?

    My daughter took my eye patch 2s off my head and threw them in the ground. Any suggestions on what might work? Already bought some double edges to replace them but can't bring myself to throw these out without at least trying
  5. M

    Buying XX Twenty Gen 1 Parts

    I know it’s a long shot but I’m seeking out any busted, broken pieces from ANY XX Twenty Gen 1 glasses. Type/colour doesn’t matter. PM if you have anything. Thanks everyone!
  6. A

    Repairing Nose on a Mag Switch Frame

    I've got a pair of Mag Switch's that have been my daily wear pair for over a decade. They have the usual wear but I still love them. A friend recently gave me a pair of identical shades that I thought I'd just keep for parts. Looking at them, though, it appears the right side of the nose bridge...
  7. Uteman25

    Looking For Canteen's 1.0 Left Ear Piece

    Hey Everyone! So I have a pair of white 1.0 Canteen's that I've had for a long time now and they've held up well, up until the other night when one of the nubs on the left ear piece broke off :( Does anyone here by chance have this part and would be willing to sell it? Any advice or suggestions...
  8. Edge16

    Eyepatch 2 - Broken Frame

    I'm wondering if there is any possible way to fix these frames. I've tried some kind of epoxy with limited success. I am curious if anyone else has had frames break like this and have been able to successfully repair them.
  9. R

    Help! Sunglasses broken!

    A friend of mine owns a pair of oakley sunglasses (flak xlj, I believe) and occasionally lets me borrow them. I didn't realize they were in my pocket before I took a seat and the tension of being in my pocket lead to what happened in the attached media. How can I fix this? I tried boiling it to...
  10. F

    Algae Fives 1.0

    I still have the first ever pair of these I bought in 1998 but they're trashed. I am looking for someone who might have a pair to sell to me. Or maybe a person who can fix mine. The frame is cracked and the lenses are scratched.
  11. Henzvein

    Holbrook Replacement arms

    Hey guys, I somehow managed to snap one of the pins off of my Brown tort/24k Shaun White Holbrooks. Where would be the best place to pick up a new one? Thanks
  12. Brian24Xmetal

    Buying Broken X-Metals or parts

    Looking to buy damaged X-Metals beyond repair or parts from X-Metals in hopes of getting enough prices to have a jeweler melt down and create a wedding band.
  13. Brian24Xmetal

    Melt X Metals???

    Before you form a mob and try to lynch me....I was wondering if anyone knows if a jeweler would be able to melt down a BROKEN pair of Metals (which I haven't picked up yet, and know it will be very hard to find based on the indestructibility of these, but maybe I could get parts here and there)...