carbon blade

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    Sold  Carbon Blade OO9174-03

    Carbon Blade with polarized black iridium lenses. Bought for a vacation trip, wore a couple of days and haven’t since. Frame and lenses are perfect. Do not have the box but do have the carbon fiber case. Looking for 160 F&F shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! Chris
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    For Sale  Selling Majority of Collection 2 (updated prices)

    I am adding more glasses to the marketplace to sell. I want to get rid of these glasses. I am going to include the prices shipped and will only ship CONUS. If you want more pictures, I would be more than happy to send DM you more pictures. Ferrari Carbon Blade - Sold EV Zero - Satin Black...
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    For Sale  Selling Majority of Collection

    Looking to sell most of my collection. All prices include price shipped, I will only sell within with United States. *Made original post in X-Metal Collection by mistake, has been closed* I will be adding more sunglasses as I get time to take pictures and post them on here. Jawbreakers, EV...
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    Sold  Carbon Blade Prizm Daily

    Matte Black Carbon Blade w/ Prizm Daily Polarized I haven’t worn these in a while so I figure I may as well get rid of them and get something else I’ll wear more. Very minor marks on the lens, frame is in great condition. Screws on the stems are tightened all the way but the stems themselves...
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    For Sale  Carbon Blade BIP

    BIP Carbon Blade, New was a shelf pair. Asking $175. No wear, no scratches.
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    hi to all ! i search some Oakley ferrari model to buy ! carbon blade Ferrari style switch Ferrari Jupiter factory or carbon so in case i have some artsit series Glasses for trades or partial trades!!
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    Sold  Carbon Blade $80

    Matte Carbon with Prizm Daily. Rate 7/10 has scratch on right lens not in my line of sight. $80 shipped U.S.
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    Sold  15 GLASSES. Fives 3.0 Ducati, Ferrari Carbon Blade, Conductor 8 Carbon, Warden,Offshoot. +

    In general the frames are in very good condition, some lenses have small scratches, each one comes with what you see in the photos. If you require more detailed information and photos, please send me a message. Warden Brown Tortoise (Trigger) Lens gold clear 9/10 SKU 05-892 $80 SOLD Fives...
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    Sold  Black OTT Carbon/Ruby

    Hi everyone, It's in good condition with minor wear. A little rub on the front edges shown in the pics, the lenses are in pretty good shape. The left lens has a little longer line through the iridium coating but appears pretty superficial. Both lenses have minor marks but they're very faint...
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    For Sale  Ferrari Carbon Blade BN without Box Price drop

    Brand new Carbon blade Ferrari without the box! $215 shipped in the U.S.
  11. Professor Oak

    Goodbye Ferrari Collection, Hello BMW.

    As some of you may already know, Luxottica has ripped the Ferrari contract away from Oakley to give it to Ray Ban.:headbang:So if there were any Ferrari Edition Oakley's you wanted to get your hands on, you might want to get them soon. Personally I was a big fan of the Ferrari Collection as I am...
  12. Jskip

    Carbon Blade Fit?

    Looking for insight on the fit of carbon blades. I think I need some with the daily prizm but its been impossible for me to find a set to try on anywhere. I'm happy with the fit of my flaks and I have an old pair of square wire 2.0 that are a little small for me. I'm of smaller stature. Thanks...
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    For Sale  Carbon Blade- Polished Carbon/ OO Red Polarized with EXTRA--PRICE DROP

    Im selling or can even trade my brand new never been worn carbon blades that is just kept in the box and CF torpedo case. G&S $200 $170 shipped CONUS, if international shipping is additional of your choice.
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    Sold  BNIB Carbon blade Scuderia... price drop

    Parting company with my BNIB Carbon blade Scuderia (ferrari) these have never been worn and come with everything that came with them, including paper work, mf bag, Ferrari case and retail packaging, as seen in the pictures..... Asking $300 PayPal F&F or add 4% for fee's, price includes fully...
  15. J

    Lens Screw on Carbon Blade

    Hello, am planning to buy a pair of those Carbon Blade Ferrari..... I am a bit reluctant right now coz i have been seeing reports of lens screws popping off the frames... Is this a regular thing or just isolated cases??? Am sure they are not as sturdy as my circa 2006 Juliet polished Frame...
  16. S

    Carbon Blade Replacement Lenses

    I recently purchased a set of Carbon Blades (LOVE them) and was curious if there was a way to get replacement lenses for them. I may want to purchase a different lens type or buy a set of backup lenses in case something happens to mine down the road, but I don't see anything on Oakley's...
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    For Sale  Romeo 2's and Ferrari Carbon Blade

    Good Mornin my fellow x-metal Enthusiasts! I'm setting up for a new adventure and want these lovely pieces to go to someone who will appreciate them. Keep in mind these were NOT just on a shelf to display. These were worn in the event that I didn't want to where my usual Juliets. All will...
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    For Sale  New Ferrari Carbon Blade Case+Microfiber+Box *sold*

    Brand new Ferrari Carbon Blade retail box minus the sunglasses. Box Case Microfiber Pouch Warranty Card $55 shipped PayPal F&F or add 4% w/ USPS Priority Mail CONUS
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    For Sale  New Ferrari Carbon Blade Lenses Ruby Iridium Polarized (take outs)

    New take outs from a Ferrari Carbon Blade. Ruby Iridium Polarized Prancing Horse emblem etched Have a 6 curve for those who would consider a custom cut. PayPal F&F or add 4% $110 Shipped via USPS Priority Small
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    For Sale  BNIB Carbon Blade

    BNIB polished carbon / titanium iridium carbon blade. $245 shipped to CONUS, international shipping $30 extra. Payment PayPal friends and family or add the 4% for fees. No trades.
  21. H

    New Carbon Blades!

    Picked up a pair of new Carbon Blades - Sweet! Black Iridium Polarized/Carbon Matte. Feel great, look great! Stoked.