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50 % OFF Clearance SALE for Flack Jacket, Racing Jacket, Radar & Radarlock

Linegear Japan

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Dear all,

From November 19 - 29, 2015, we offer a 25% discount for replacement lenses & rubber for:

1. Oakley Flack Jacket (rubbers only) ZRSC-FJ-NBL.JPG

2. Oakley Racing Jacket (lenses only) redmirror.jpg

3. Oakley Radar (rubbers & lenses) ZRSC-R-YW.JPG green mirror.jpg

4. Oakley Radarlock (rubbers & lenses) ZRSC-RL-AQUA.JPG bluemirror.jpg

A separate discount for X-metal is coming in December.

Thank you

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Updated 27 November 2015:

Dear all,

From today until sold out, we offer a 50% discount Clearance SALE for replacement lenses & rubber for:

1. Oakley Flack Jacket(rubbers only) 197648-4c6497a6c91068901a2036be68ae4efb-jpg.201233.jpg

2. Oakley Racing Jacket(lenses only) 197649-d02bb2761cb3d6fa30e57f1a77723447-jpg.201234.jpg

3. Oakley Radar (rubbers & lenses) 197650-2aa2ab8d8e75153c3cb44fec30a2a35c-jpg.201235.jpg 197651-c837a6b508b9090b28d84467ff1ebfff-jpg.201236.jpg

4. Oakley Radarlock(rubbers & lenses)

Thank you very much.

Hello, good morning. Once we updated to 50% discount, the items are sold quite fast. Be sure to get one of them before stock out. Thank you