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A Question about Square Wires

G. Christopher Lyn

Oakley Beginner
Hello everyone,

I was on the Fuse Lenses web site to search for replacement lenses. I knew there was a Square Wire 2.0 and the New Square Wire that came out last year. But, I did not realize there were so many Square Wire types (I'm relatively a newbie).

They have 6 models listed on the site:

Big Square Wire
Square Wire
Square Wire Gen 1
Square Wire Gen 2
Square Wire 2.0
Square Wire II New

The Square Wire and Square Wire II New look the same. Can anyone enlighten me about the differences. Other third party lens manufacturers only have 1 model listed on their site (i.e Revant or Walleva)


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I'd start with researching the sku on the earstem. As well as the numbers on each side of the "O".

On mine i have 12-924 and 5221 both on the earstem...I think the New Square Wires have the sku starting with "OO" I don't have the sku for the other models to compare. Even with the sku and a google search, there is not much information regarding the differences in models.

Any one else have information?

I'd start by browsing the o-review database for a square wire SKU that matches yours. 12-924 should be your SKU.

According to that sku I believe it's the square wire option on the fuse website.

It's usually called new square wire or even square wire 3.0