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Aftermarket Lenses


Double Team
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Portland, OR
I've noticed that a couple of members on here had aftermarket lenses in their Oakley's that were unusual colors. From a company called "VL" or something like that?

Who makes decent aftermarket lenses? I'm interested in seeing what colors are available for certain glasses. The only thing I would be concerned about is comparable clarity, but you guys just might be using these are display lenses. I'd like to hear some info about this company if there is any.
I know BAPD77 buys a lot of their lenses and uses them occasionally. I haven't bought any of VL's (Visionary Lenses) stuff yet, but plan to as soon as they release their E-wire lenses as mine are scratched to hell.

My only concern is if the lenses are shatterproof like Oakley plutonite.
i bought once a pair VL for my pennys, but i was not happy with that.
they are cheap IMO. after i instaled the lenses, i had the first marks on them.
and YES i was carefull during the whole procedure.

since then i install only original Oakley lenses....
This is good to know so i don't buy any lenses for frames that still have lens options from Oakley.

I'm only buying for my E-wires because i don't have another choice.
I've bought several aftermarket lenses from VL for my Frogskins and have been very happy with them, not had any problems to date with either service, installing them, or keeping them clean and unscratched. I've also bought aftermarket lenses for my Frogskins from Evo Lense and again, not had any problems to date, the only problem being Evo Lense don't seem to do Frogskins replacement lenses any more, but they do have other models.
JK - any comments on the clarity of these lenses?

Good question. I've just taken a look and, comparing Oakley grey iridium lenses (as I've basically been swapping out the grey iridium lenses in the Acid Series because they are pretty boring otherwise) against the Evo lenses the Evo lenses definitely have less clarity than either the Oakleys or VLs, but they are the cheapest and by no means are they bad lenses. It's way too tough to call between the Oakley and VL lenses in my opinion.
JK - any comments on the clarity of these lenses?

I have owned a few different lenses from aftermarket manufacturers. One is VL (Visionary Lenses) and the other is Exovista. IMO the quality of the Exovista is awesome, and the colors are perfect. I will say that the Exovista Romeo 1 lenses don't fit as well as they should (large gaps). Not that the Romeo 1 is a perfect frame in the first place, it does have it's issues. I found that the visionary lenses cause star burst effects when looking at direct light. The VL lenses seem a little thicker then original Oakley lenses. As for clarity the Exovista ROCK, the VL ones cause a starburst pattern on light...
I've ordered some Exovista ruby's for my MD's from the USA. Just waiting for them to be delivered to me in the UK. I'm interested too as to what they're like considering they're half the price of Oakley. Only time will tell.