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  1. Brettc10

    Brettc10 Oakley Expert

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    So here in LA yesterday there was a listing on CL for a Single Aluminum Oakley Case.
    I believe I may have been the first to get a hold of the seller. He said I was??
    Anyway is was listed for $200. I told him I would take it, where are you located??
    Seller said great and told me the city. Very close to where I live. Then he said that I would have to pick it up the next day since he was busy that night. No problem we will touch base the next morning and figure it out. As the day went on the listing was still up. Right then I knew I was screwed.
    I e-mailed him later in the day since I was tracking down a buddy and his truck to make plans to pick it up. What do you think he said. The price was now $275 and I needed to pick it up the same night??
    I said forget it cause I knew that would not be the end. Now he has it listed for $500??
    I am sure some other people on here contacted him too.
    Typical Craigslist!!!!
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  2. nyhokie

    nyhokie Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I feel for you bro. I have been there many times. If it wasn't for the occasional great score, I would have given up on CL long ago. You gotta have patience to deal with guys like that.
  3. atrain

    atrain O-Forums Boss of Bosses

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    People try and raise the price the more demand they get. They don't know what they have. The person I got my case from tried to pull that while I was on my way to meet them and I said forget it ill turn around then they changed their mind.
  4. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    I've got a guy in the town I work in who has put an ad on CL for a single wide a few times. He wants $600, I offered him 400 and he refused, told me he'd have no problem moving it, and he paid more than a grand to get it.

    It's been relisted 3-4 times at $600. Too bad for him I got one for 4 already. Cases are rare around here, but not hen's teeth.
  5. Dallas O Hog

    Dallas O Hog O.C.D. Oakley Collecting Disorder haha Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    LOL mine wanted 800. They are like they are selling for that on Ebay. I was like nooo that is what they are asking and never get it. Got a new in almost perfect condition spine case for only $450. Just had to haggle and I was there so was like take it or leave it and I bought and couldnt jet out of there fast enough
  6. OakleyGuru379

    OakleyGuru379 What is that thing?!

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    At least he's not raping people. Some dude up here in Woodstock, Il was charged with raping about 20 women he met on Craigslist! :eek:
  7. Ryan_C

    Ryan_C Oakley Beginner

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    Totally reminds me of the guy in Denver I tried to get a pair of OTT from. He kept raising the price on me as the minutes ticked away. I couldn't get to him before the price hit $500. He wanted like $150 to start. I was gonna have a good friend pick them up for me and ship them for me since the seller didn't want to deal with any scammers... Glad I got the last laugh when I sent him on a wild goose chase and waste his entire evening.
  8. OakleyCan

    OakleyCan Oakley Collector

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    There's plenty of D bags around. A guy here listed 2 aluminum display stands, I asked him when I could pick them up he said in a couple days and ended up selling it that day to someone else. Didn't even haggle with him, I just said when can I come and get them. WTF
  9. ECUOakley

    ECUOakley Oakley Beginner

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    My roommate and I went to go pick up his double wide in NC, doode had no idea what he had. But he was asking 100 bucks for it but I can tell you we went strapped theres no way I was getting deliveranced!
  10. MrMoonlight

    MrMoonlight Oakley Enthusiast

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    "You got a purdy mouth, boy"
    (cue inbred with banjo...)