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Are there aftermarket Asian Fit nose pads for X-metal XX?


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626, SGV, CA
I have two pairs of old X-Metal XX and I'm thinking about reviving one to wear again. I'm an Asian Fit Oakley person, so the large nose pads on these pre-Asian Fit X-Metals, aren't big enough. Mostly for keeping the lenses off my eye lashes/lids.
I know Linegear made Asian Fit nose pads for Romeo's, but not X-metal XX. Does anyone know if there are aftermarket Asian Fit nose pads for X-Metal XX? Or are there any current model Asian Fit nose pads that I could fit on the X-Metal XX?
I love my X-Metal but after buying Asian Fit, I'm not satisfied with any of my non-Asian Fit Oakleys.

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I guess that depends on how you define "Asian Fit"...

For some frames, the Asian Fit version is actually a differently shaped frame. For example, the badman is base 8 while the Asian fit badman is base 6 curvature.

For many frames, though, it's just small nosebombs for regular and large nosebombs for Asian fit. Either one usually comes with both sizes so the only practical difference is which set is installed by default.

So, if you're asking if LG has large nosebombs for the XX, the answer is yes. If you're looking for some sort of even larger, extra-large size, the answer is no.

The "extra-large" nosebombs LG did for R1 are a one-off...

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