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Are there any women into collecting X metals???

Men are hunters. Women operate differently. Example women shop. Guys go straight into stores grab what's needed and go. Women use most of their brain. Guys do not. Women are better negotiators. Guys are not. Women marry Neanderthal men who spend copious amounts of money on sunglasses, watches and little metal Robots. Not sure why a woman would marry guys like that but oh well. That's their problem not mine.

It does get lonely in China.....even if it is Shanghai. Been there done that.
Between Shanghai and Michigan I chose to come back ;).
Unless the OP has a chick who is diggin X-metals :biggrin:

omg guys this is not thread about me trying to look for GF lol i just though this hobby is bit crazy lets face it and havens seen any comments from women in x metal section so far.....
Manish I am sorry if you felt like that,but for me shanghai is great,i found great GF in here and life here generally is very international....i feel very similar to the time when i was in California .....chinese people are very opened to foreigners

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