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Captain America, Ironman and Hulk custom jobs...


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Thanks to @jdd32 who did the work on the Captain America and the Ironman pairs. And thanks to @zwc0442 who came up with the goods on the Hulk Juliet!

Re: Ironman Juliet and Captain America XS
Ron came up with the idea. He experimented. He cleaned. He painted. He anodised. He sourced lenses (sapphire snow prizm and black iridium). He cut lenses. He wasn't happy with result, so he repainted. He retuned nosepieces. He cleaned them up. He packed. He sent them to me super super safely.

....and Thanks to me for taking the photos.

I took the photos. Oh yeah. And I paid him in x-metals.

So in summary, any comments below should be directed to Ron. It's all his super hard work (see what I did there?:crazypilot:)

P.S. If you want to check out @zwc0442's Hulk R1, go here! It's awesome, too! See next post for pictures of the Hulk Juliet he did for me!

Capt and Ironman - 1.jpg
Capt and Ironman - 2.jpg
Capt and Ironman - 3.jpg
Capt and Ironman - 4.jpg
Capt and Ironman - 5.jpg
Capt and Ironman - 6.jpg
Capt and Ironman - 7.jpg
Capt and Ironman - 8.jpg

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