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Chroming Sunnies

Okay I found a guy who will chrome (actually vacuum metalize[same thing Oakley uses) for 75 bucks and can do different shades(gold chrome, a redish chrome, brass colored, ect though might raise price a bit) though you have to send the glasses in 3 parts and he can't promise perfect lens installation, though a simple pick or angled file can fix that in mins, **** send it to me and pay for shipping back and I'll do it for you
Plastic Chrome - M&M Metalizing Sales - vacuum chrome metalizing, chroming plastic, color chrome plate - www.mmmetalizing.com there's said dudes website of non sunnies, I'd suggest going through me since my company did some work with him and that usually effects pricing, I don't plan on chroming sunnies but people mentioned it, so I asked around

I would LOVE to have my Fast Jacket's chromed! That would be friggen AWESOME! But, I don't think it would work without dismantling the lens locking mechanism etc and I am not comfortable doing that :( Too many moving parts going on.