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Damn Bike Shops...

There's a local bike shop in my area that is an oakley dealer, so i stopped by yesterday.
i walk in,they have 3 single wides...
2 of them are half way filled....one would be sufficient for them, the third,is empty.
So...i asked to talk to the manager/ or owner. The employee let me know when he would come in.
I return when the owner is there, and ask him if he'd be willing to let go of one of those
displays, seeing that the are not in use.
You should have seen the look on his face....
He was just so offended... I hadn't seen someone so mad... lol.
He went on to ramble about how dare i walk into his store trying to buy off his things.
"who do you think you are coming in here" "money isn't everything" yada-yada-yada...
and i couldn't help to think how funny it as, so before i began to laugh
i simply agreed and said he was right and walked out...lol.

Interesting day yesterday was!
why do you think, you can walk in a store to buy things there?!?

are you crazy??? damn idiot :biggrin:

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