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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by DrtyHarry, 2/21/16.

  1. DrtyHarry


    Well, I have a few pairs of Carbon Blades and the Ferrari version with the Polar Iridium Ruby lenses are my favorite. I managed to get get two extra sets of lenses for each Blade that I own. It was not easy....but, I knew the right people and had a phone handy and was able to get whatever I needed.

    I love carbon fiber! I finally found a pair of current Oakleys that are in production that I like....and with my luck, I can't just order extra replacement lenses. So, when the blade is no longer being made....what next? I have to send the glasses back, pay a fee, and have the lenses replaced by Oakley at a premium cost? NO WAY!!!

    I was told that new lenses would be available later on down the line...is that 100%? Who knows. So, I went ahead and got 2 sets for every Blade that I owned. Actually, I have 3 sets of the Ferrari ones since they are my favorite and will probably be the hardest to get. If in fact they offer Ruby later on, I doubt it if they will have the Ferrari etching on them The other colors,well....I'll just have to wait and see. Actually, I think I will call and have another 2 pairs of Ferrari lenses sent out to me tomorrow. I have a feeling lenses with the etching will not be available. They may offer Ruby....but I doubt if they will still have the Ferrari etching.

    Oh, and for my curious knife collecting friends...that is a Microtech Makora II with Carbon Fiber scales and a black blade. YES...you get the point, I love my carbon fiber. My cars and bikes are draped with the stuff. Enjoy the pic....and no, I can not get you extra lenses so please don't ask me fellas.

    Ferrari Carbon Fiber Blades, I love Carbon Fiber...But Getting Lenses is Silly! - carbon.jpg

    View attachment 224457
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  2. supersharp

    supersharp Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Those cool, but if the CF wears out, I've heard they are ruined. Congrats on finding something u like. Have u liked at the Carbon Shift? Not a lot of CF, but it is there.

    Makora II is a nice touch to thepic , but isn't this in the wrong section. Lol.

  3. DrtyHarry


    Not liking the shift, just the blade. Because of thr fit and weight....not so much because of the CF. I just threw the CF blade in the pic to show more CF. I take real gentle care of my glasses, what part did you hear of the CF wearing out?

  4. supersharp

    supersharp Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Read here.

    Ferrari Carbon Blade... BROKE

  5. DrtyHarry


    Yeah...I read one or two of those kinds of threads. Very much like my wire frames that are also light and fragile, I would never carry them (or ANY pair for that matter in my jeans with the microfiber bag). I have had one of my blades for almost a year now....no problems. And if they were not hanging around my neck, I kept them in a hard case. And plan to continue to do so. They are extremely fragile, and I think that is the pay off for such a light frame of glasses. So far....4 pairs later, not a single issue or problem. But again, I'm not stuffing in the pockets of my jeans. No pair of glasses should be treated like that.. especially a $500 pair.
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  6. thisguy


    I liked the Ferrari edition of the Carbon Blade. When I called about acquiring replacement parts they told me that I would need to send the frames in. Instead I searched for another pair and found one to purchase. Now I have 2 pairs, one mainly for wearing and the other mainly for the collection. You can notice the difference in the ruby iridium between the lenses though.

    I agree the lightness and design of the carbon fiber looks great on the frame.
    I think @GH4AU is another guy who loves carbon fiber.

  7. DrtyHarry


    I asked for the oldest stock of lenses possible that had that the deeper red we are all looking for. I got lucky. I might be pushing it if I ask for some +red lenses....eh, I'll ask. No frame for those, but got 3 other frames. Hopefully different Prizm options might become available....or so I was told.

  8. pjd1234


    Congrats bro.

  9. DrtyHarry


    Always on the look out for more lenses to stock up on. I really am curious what will happen when production of these glasses stop. Having to send them in every time you need new lenses is not the best of ideas, IMHO. Other companies sell lenses for them, I don't see why Oakley doesn't. I shouldn't have to call in special favors to get these lenses...not that I'm complaining, but for those who can't....kinda sucks. Still...these are my favorite pair of newer glasses that they make...wish more lenses could be offered.

  10. pjd1234


    Great that u like, but collection value not too much bro IMO. When they are gone only a few will miss them and you can count me out lol.

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