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  1. Sharpdub00

    Sharpdub00 Oakley Beginner

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    So I've never really thrown any photos of my collection up here because I never had them in a nice organized fashion. That my friends has all changed! After patiently waiting for my chance to own a display tower, I can proudly say (thanks to the wife) I now have my very own 3.0 single. My fiancé knew someone that had a tower and was contemplating getting rid of it, so she mentioned she would take it off their hands. She's a keeper! Sorry for the distant photos and colors, we're currently in the process of moving so this was a quick, put it up, lay out the glasses, take photos kind of day.

    I, as others I have seen, have the issue of my top 4 lights not working. I believe once the move is finished I will look into swapping th out for LEDs. Another side note I've also started an album for those quick photos.

    I will try to rotate this photo once I'm at a computer rather than my phone.
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