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Fire Iridium Lens Question


Oakley Beginner
I was going to order a replacement set for my gen 1 plasma juliets. The lens have the circular scratches. I was interested in the polarized, but I have read that they tend to scratch easily. Can anyone confirm or deny this. thanks!
I have regular and polarized lenses and never had one be more prone than the other. But I have OCD when it comes to handling my frames. LOL
I've had Fire Iridium Polarized in my Juliets since 2001 and i've never had a problem with the lenses scratching "easliy". I only say this because i'm OCD about my frames as well and it's not like i intentionally tried to scratch it. All i can say is that after 10 years, my Juliets are still flawless.
may be that hardest lens to keep clean! with that lens it is going to show any small scratch or anything.
thanks for the info guys. i don't know how my originals got the circular scratches i am pretty ocd as well.
I dont think that they scratch easy but when they do scratch it easier to notice on fire lenses than most others