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For Sale: Oakley WHY 8.0 - Polished Chrome W/ Titanium Clear - From UK Collector

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SOLD: Oakley WHY 8.0 - Polished Chrome w/ Titanium Clear - from UK Collector


Hi all,

Just thought I would let you know that I am selling a couple of pairs of O's from my collection.

First up is my WHY 8.0 in Polished Chrome / Ti Clear.

I have them on Ebay currently at -
Oakley WHY 8.0 Sunglasses, Polished Chrome Ti Clear NEW | eBay

As you can see they are in perfect unused condition, having never been worn. They have simply been tried on when I bought them, then put in my collection. Not many of these about in new condition.

There's a fair few watchers at the moment, but if anyone wants to make a reasonable offer I would much rather they went to an Oakley collector such as ourselves.

PM me or email if you are interested.

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