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  1. NiGHTSx2

    NiGHTSx2 Oakley Collector

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    I thought I knew everything about OG Half Jackets...but apparently not. I saw an eBay auction that featured a pair of HJs with earsocks that cover the entire terminal end of the earstem, instead of the noraml version, that leaves a bit of frame sticking out of the end of the sock. The seller stated that the very first production pairs featured this extended earsock. eBay link here:

    I did come late to the HJ party, and didn't pick up my first pair until a few years after release, but I have never heard anything about this, nor seen a pair with longer earsocks. Anyone know if this info is correct?
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  2. dave m

    dave m Oakley Enthusiast

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    It is correct I know that because I have some I bought from Oakley UK must of been around 10 years ago now, I had 2 pairs from UK HQ one pair had what is now normal ear socks and the other has the ones that go all over the end. They both had fire lenses but different colour Icons too.