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Hello everyone, Brazilian friend coming.


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Greetings everyone! My name is @Florest from Rio de Janeiro and i am honored to be a new member of this community of Oakley enthusiasts and collectors.

I have always had a deep admiration for the Oakley brand and its incredible products since my father always showed me, and I am excited to share my passion and collection with all of you. Recently, I had the great pleasure of recovering an Oil Rig Text that was previously stored at a friend's house, which only strengthened my appreciation for Oakley's quality, design, and innovation.

I also have a close friend(@lifeinrio )who has been instrumental in showing me some of the iconic Oakley models and helping me rediscover my love for this iconic brand.

I look forward to engaging with all of you, learning more about the history, find rare items and sharing our mutual passion for this amazing brand. Let us honor and celebrate the legacy of Oakley's incredible products and contribute to the preservation of their rich history.
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