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Hi From Germany


Oakley Beginner
Hi there, I´m an oakley-fan from Hamburg, Northern-Germany. At first i have to apologize for my bad english...
My former girlfriend introduced me to Oakley about 10 years ago, starting with a XX and a half-jacket array. Added a Fives 2.0 and a Canteen but sold those during the past years. Nowadays I own 7 pairs: Fives 3.0 crystal black/grey (everyday-pair), Fuel Cell taca, Flak Jacket brown smoke with +red iridium and h.i.persimonn iridium (Skiing), Gascan S brown text tungsten (fits my smaller head perfect), Staight Jacket black /deep blue polarized (Fishing, beautiful lenses imo), Radar Path black /jade iridium (Sports, swapped lenses from anti-freeze edition, favourite lens colour) and my last purchase from yesterday: Batwolf black gold text /tungsten iridium polarized, red icons. Looking forward to exchange my opinions concerning our passion with u guys. All the best from germany !

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Staff member
Premium Member
welcome to the community of the Oakley addicted persons :eek:)
your girlfriend was right, to show you the Oakley world . . .
we all looking forward to see some pics of your collection!


Oakley Beginner
Yes, the anti-freeze are really nice. Was happy to get one, when they were released two years ago. Good luck, maybe you should try e-bay.