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Hi from Nordics. Engineer researching options for Rx in Juliet or X-Metal XX?


Oakley Beginner
First post and intro.
I'm an engineer from Scandinavia who loves Oakley Titanium frames and not afraid of repairing things.
Prescription lenses are really expensive here and difficult to find for sport glasses. Good progressive lenses at local optician here are about 1k USD without polarization or mirror finish. Taxes are 25% of imported products plus shipping.
I'm considering getting my first pair of progressives and my corrections/cylinder are below 1.5 in magnitude.
X-Metal XX and Juliet are favorites I hope to own one day, but need a plan to find prescription lenses before buying frames.
Aiming for 1-2 pairs but fear it may become an addiction...
Measuring pupil height using photometry in relevant Oakley-frame I hope would enable ordering progressives online...

Any advice on how/where to order good progressive lenses online for around 400 USD worldwide fully optioned or maybe even
500 if within EU would be appreciated.

I noticed Linegear hinted they are capable of providing prescription NXT-lenses for Juliet and XX, anyone tried that?

... or maybe US options for export to EU?

Other ideas even is slightly more expensive are also welcome.

Cheers from Vik.

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Welcome to the forum! You'll definitely want to the X-Metal Discussion area and DIY Modding Sections: