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  1. R1s1ngSt0rm

    R1s1ngSt0rm Oakley Beginner

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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking into buying the Hydrophobic coating pen. Two quick questions: How do I check to see if a pair of glasses I bought already come with a hydrophobic coating? And, second, once you have applied the Hydrophobic coating, how do you clean your glasses in the future (i.e., must you always use the hydrophobic pen, could you use the Oakley cleaning solution)?

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  2. flyer

    flyer Oakley Expert

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    You can still clean the lenses in the normal way, but in my experience, the principal benefit of HC is that the lens stays cleaner, longer. Depending on usage, you'll have to re-apply the HC maybe a couple of times a year.
    Once the lens is treated, you will notice that sweat and moisture can't wait to run off, usually without streaking.
  3. thisguy

    thisguy Oakley Expert

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    Almost all sports pairs come with the HC already applied to the lenses. If you look on oakleys website under the lenses or frame page it should tell you this.