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Identify these Juliets?

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Oakley Beginner
Hi everyone.
I'm not entirely sure what series these are. I bought them new in 2005 from an Oakley dealer. I remember they were titanium. The frames are titanium. I think they may be Juliet 15s, but I can't find a serial number to confirm that. The only marking I can find is on the rubber inserts which have "15." I know they are authentic, as I bought them at an Oakley dealer, but somewhere over the last 10 years I lost the box.
Any help would be great! I'm trying to get them tightened. The nose piece has become so loose that they are unwearable.


There is nothing on the left ear stem? No serial or SKU# would put them as a 4th gen. Plasma/Emerald.
If there is no serial at all or any marking on the left earstem it is a 4th generation frame. Looks like a plasma finish to me. They are made of a titanium alloy and the name of that frame is the Juliet. X-man can tighten them for you and make them good as new!!!
I thought they made 50s as well....might I might be wrong. Thought I saw them on a pair of MARS once.
They sure did! Those didn't come with the Juliet though, only the 15 and 25. Anybody that needs a 50 on a pair of Mars has a much smaller head than I do, haha.
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