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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by BADNESS, 10/9/11.



    So I was watching that new show Terra Nova last week, and part of the rules are that they are only allowed to have 2 children!

    So it got me thinking...what if I could only own TWO PAIRS of Oakleys?!? FOREVER!!!

    So I figured I would pose the question to my Oakley obsessed friends :wink:

    My answer would be...
    1. Matte Black Stretchline Eyepatch with Black Gradient Lenses
    2. Shaun White Dispatch (insert "I love gold" line from Austin Powers!)
    I figure I would keep it a little more classic and subtle, since I would be wearing them FOREVER!!! :laugh:

    So what are your two?

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  2. Peeza21


    Sgh exclusive Holbrook and any hijinx

  3. yoshi1984


    LOL, you know man, to some of us, Oakley's are our babies! lol, only an Oakley addict would take a tv show and twist it into something Oakley.

    My only two pairs:
    1.) Devil's Brigade Antix (have i mentioned i like that pair lol)
    2.) Ernesto Fonseca Antix

    HA, probably pretty obvious I know, but man those two frames are just stunning. O doesn't really do nice artwork like that anymore from what i've seen. it's sad.

    Your probably the only guy I know that can wear a Dispatch and get away with it, it's a hard frame to pull off man. If I could do a third, probably a C-six CF.




  5. yoshi1984


    lol damn. ok, im happy with my choices.
    reminds me of the remake of 'texas chainsaw massacre' when those two woman took that baby and called it their own.



    Love that movie!

    Now I'm just waiting for Herbsley to jump in on this! I know he's dying trying to pick just 2 pairs of his babies! :laugh:

  7. MugenPWR


    1. Polished black Dispatch
    2. Polished black Holbrook

    depending on how the Dispatch II fits on my face, i may have to replace it to number 1 lol.

  8. S-works


    nice thread!!

    since i'm only allowed to keep 2 pairs FOREVER... it'll have to be:

    1. Ducati Juliet (x-metal will indeed last forever!!)
    2. Tron Pitboss

  9. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Staff Member Administrator

    I would probably say:

    1. Ice Iridium/Distressed Silver Jury's for an everyday pair
    2) Clear/ Chrome Iridium Holbrooks for when I feel like changing it up.

  10. Brettc10


    Mine would be my Pitboss. Favorite pair.
    Next would be my Plates Great classic unique Oakley look.
    I always get ask about those.
    I will take those 2 but I will not be happy. I need more!!!!

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