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Is This A Good Deal?


Double Team
Premium Member
Portland, OR
I have the chance to pick up a double wide display case for $100. The glass is broken inside however I plan on removing that. It also doesn't have any locks.

Looks like this:

I'd have to go pick it up but still seems amazing for the price. How hard is it to add locks to it?
i would jump on that! such an amazing price and i am sure that you can add locks and replace glass for much less then it would normally cost.
It's not any of the shelves or walls that are messed up, there are mirrors on the sides and they are cracked. I was going to remove them anyway so it's not a big concern.

Any idea where I can get locks for the doors and cabinet?
That's a fantastic deal, get on that one right away! As for locks, try googling "cabinet locks" and you should find something that will work.
i would guess in a home improvement store you will find the right locks or a lock and key service in a mall....