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Just Saying...


Oakley Beginner
Living 5 minutes away from an Oakley Vault is not a good thing for my wallet.

This weekend's purchase were jade iridium polarized Square Whiskers for $140. That's my favorite lens, and while I'm not a big metal guy, these are the most comfortable metal frames I've ever worn. And while the price might not scream killer deal, it's the best pair of sunglasses for the money I've made as of late, and I own a lot of Oakleys. My daughter purchased a pair of Ray Ban Aviators yesterday as well, and the crispness and clarity of mine were night and day better than hers. Mine were also less expensive. Go figure.

For the record, I'm not a big collector of the rare ones. I buy what I like that are comfortable and usually have somewhat of a functional purpose. That said, I'm a big Jawbone guy. Great for mountain biking....that sort of thing. I own 4 pairs. I could have bought a pair of Camo Frogskins this weekend at a different sunglass store, but I knew if I bought them I wouldn't wear them - they'd sit in a box. That's just not my style. so I got the Whiskers and I'm wearing them today. Love them.

Have a great day gang.
You are correct!

Yes sir - you are correct. Those are the sunglasses. And those are the lenses. I was thinking emerald but speaking jade. Apparently I still have much to learn. :redface: