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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Forgoten214, 5/18/11.

  1. Forgoten214


    I was wondering, which are the largest metal framed sunglasses Oakley makes or has made? Looking for the largest fit possible I guess. I own Plaintiffs and they fit well but I'm looking for something abit larger on the sides.

    I was wondering what will be the largest pair of metal sunglasses available in your guys opinion or facts.

    Upon your responses I'll run down the models you guys recommend and try them on and see which one's fit me the best. :)

    So far the list goes, (Excluding Plaintiff's because I own them already)

    Probation's, Inmate's, Warden's, C-Wire, Romeo's 1.0s or 2.0s, Crosshair 1.0/2.0....

    Anyone who owns any of these sunglasses please let me know how they fit on you and if you would recommend them?

    Also any pictures are welcome as trying to find actual real pictures is a bit hard to find. Basically I'm looking for a metal pair for more formal occasions and such. Also for personal preference and comfort.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. ronentr


    I can only offer my advice on the X Metal line:
    The biggest frame is the Romeo's 1.

  3. Forgoten214


    Yea they are nice, I wish I had a pair. Unfortunately they are very hard to find these days and if you do they are over 600 dollars usually.

  4. music_man185


    how big are the x squared compared to juliets?

  5. FearGearGarage


    The Romeo is the largest and yes the cost is high, but I have never worn a better pair of glasses in my opinion. Have been wearing the same pair for over 12 years...

  6. The Game

    The Game

    xsquared is wider and the lens is taller thanks to it being squared off
    77RRad likes this.

  7. Forgoten214


    XSquared is slightly larger than the Juliets in pretty much every aspect. But the arms are slightly on the tight side. I scratched my face a few times taking the X Squared off before I returned them.

  8. music_man185


    i have a smaller face and the juliets are on the larger side for me. the x squared are probably out the question then right?

  9. Forgoten214


    Yes, the frame will rub against your cheeks most likely. Will not be very comfortable I'd think.

  10. ExMetal


    That scratch is from the ends of the arms, they are rough and they will scratch you if you don't use both hands to put the glasses on.

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