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Buying Left ear stem Oakley Badman Dark Carbon

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Hello, its been a while since ive been active here, maybe this should be in MISC? If so, Mods can you move?. Still have most of my Oakley collection and honestly, even with a lot of it put up, I'm still glad to have it.

I recently got out some of my better frames and wanted to start wearing them again. I purchased some Dark Carbon Badmans in TN at the Oakely store in the Tanger back in 2017. I wore them religiously for a long time then got into a minor accident and the ear stem got damaged...

Id like to replace the ear stem myself. Just road rash, if I cannot find one, I may see if anyone does custom frame colors like they did back when I was active.

I am looking to buy just the ear stem but if you have a damaged pair and want to move the whole pair, I still have a ton of "stuff" laying around, can offer Oakley trades, Lego trades or just dollars...

Thank you,
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