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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by OakleyBoss, 6/17/11.

  1. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Staff Member Administrator

    Hey, heres some info and pics on the upcoming Limited Edition Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D Gascan. One side of the frame features the Autobot SHIELD icon while the otherfeatures the Decepticon shield icon. It also comes with a Custom Microfiber bag with more art from the movie. Supposedly these are releasing today because in the press release they state "Available Today", but they have yet to pop up on Oakley.com But we will see. :D Pic below:

    You can read the official Press release here: http://www.luxottica.com/export/sites/d ... ormers.pdf
    Last edited: 7/10/14

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. The Game

    The Game

    we got those in yesterday, i like them more than the tron version



    would love to see some better pics!

  4. FearGearGarage


    I got some yesterday, will post pics this weekend...



    they are on oakleys site just gotta hunt! $150.00



  7. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Staff Member Administrator

    Nice! Anyone know how limited these are? If they are as limited as the Tron's they will go fast!! And here's the pic from Oakley
    Last edited: 7/10/14



    they look cool!! cant wait to watch the movie with them..

  9. SpliceD


    The icons on these are cool, but the artwork on the Tron Gascans are better.

  10. Batwolf

    Batwolf Premium Member

    Honestly I thought these were going to be way cooler, I'm disappointed with how plain they look.

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