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  1. Rladd

    Rladd Oakley Beginner

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    I would have sworn that I saw some on Oakley's site at one point where you could buy the SOLFX lens as a replacement lens but haven't seen it there lately. Does anyone know where I could find Clear/Grey lenses for Split Jackets? I would prefer them to be Oakley but don't have to be. I already have 3 other lenses for them. The only ones I see are Walleva and they say that the base color is Grey and the outside is black.

    Thanks for any help in the right direction.
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  2. Nickers

    Nickers Oakley Beginner

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  3. Hawaii-5-Jo

    Hawaii-5-Jo Oakley Enthusiast

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    Look up EyeCandy Lenses on Amazon. They Photochromic lenses for the split jacket for like around $80