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Marks on Fast Jacket lens corners?


Oakley Beginner
On vacation last week, my previous pair of Oakleys decided to fall off my head when I fell off a paddleboard and sank somewhere in the ocean. So, I used it as an excuse to get a new pair, and picked up a pair of Fast Jackets.

These were the only pair in the store, so they were in the display case. They look perfect, though.

Later, I noticed that both sets of lenses have these "marks" or "lines" in the corner. Is this normal from inserting them in the frame? Does it matter, or should I see about getting the lenses exchanged?

Thanks for your input and any help!

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Welcome to the forum...... looks like your display pair has had the lens swapping option shown to quite a bit of customers. You can try to ask if they will give you a new set of lenses and see what they say.

It only matters if it's going to drive you insane.


Oakley Beginner
Thanks for the quick reply! I was kind of thinking the same thing, about it probably being from people trying the lens swapping quite a bit. It doesn't bother me, as you can't see it when the frames are in. I was just wondering if the coating would peel from these spots, or that sort of thing. The store itself (Gander Mountain) is apparently completely sold out of these glasses, and I don't really think it's Oakley's fault.


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Those marks are normal MOC.
They will happen to all Fast Jacket over time as the lenses are switched out.

The switch lock mechanism on those was a very cool idea

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