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My First Minute Machine Custom

Steven Goldberg

“were talking about practice”
Premium Member
My First Minute Machine Custom

I wanted to do an in depth review for any potential customizers that may be interested. I will first start off and say that @zwc0442 is extremely detail oriented and professional with his work. I haven’t met many people who really care about the end result of a product as much as this guy. One of the better experiences I’ve had customer service wise.

He’s very upfront with his price points. I won’t go into specific details about prices, but it is fairly inexpensive as to the amount of work it takes for a complete product. It may differ from the amount of work, time and modifications needed. So that’s why my specific price may differ between custom made products.

In my specific example, it was extremely affordable, and does not carry such a large deviation in price spiking. IMO, his work speaks for itself and deserves a price increase based on what the member paid, deservedly so.

Anyway. The custom took about a month, but I’m sure that may change based on how busy he is at the time. He was pretty close to the actual time estimate.

I ended up getting cobalt finish with red screws and spacers added. The finish is flawless and just like the prior custom I saw.

As I never did a custom, I did ask quite a few questions based on the wearability, the strength of the cerakyting and the durability. From my understanding, it is as strong if not stronger then the regular titanium finish, but just like any finish it can wear with abusive care. I wore it over the past few days and it has held up to normal desk diving and limited banging.

The look:

I felt this was the best part. As discussed prior, I never cared to do a custom because I thought it would take away from the OEM finish. But shyt, I was wrong. IMO, it gives it another wearable option that I have yet to experiment. I find that I like it more then OEM on specific circumstances based on color and finish.

Anyway to wrap it up, I love the job done and will give two thumbs up for anyone thinking about getting a custom. I will say, I can’t speak for others but ZWC is a star.

Will also update the progress of durability over time for better results and consistency.






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