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My New Singlewide "Stretch Line Eyewear Display" / "Stretchline" / O.G. Cab

the stickers on the bottom of the displays are hit and miss for me. of the displays i have seen some have it and some do not. no rhyme or reason to it i do not think. i have not checked the bottom of the stretchline towers i have access to yet but i will take a look as soon as i can

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Hi buddy I sold the stretch cube to carguy I have had a few over the past few years to the best of my knowledge yours is the exception as the guys at oakley don't make mistakes is was there intention to create a case with a heavy industrial look that is the reason for the rust steel instead of stainless steel and as for the date of manufacturing again to the best of my knowledge 2000 the alli case with draws was the first then the Ali case with door as it was much lighter and easer to move around shops followed by a bunch of spin offs like the stretch and thump case that is the same as the stretch but alli then the spine that was discontinued because of the feet people tripped over them and now the black case hope this all helps a bit I think I have bought and sold over 300 towers counter tops and cubes now and sure I have had them all good luck with the stretch cube all the best UK spenc

@Spenc - Can you clarify the timeline here from your end. I ask as One Oakley Distributor obtained his in the late 80's or early 90's - he has some paperwork he is due to send me. He is the one who had me check the usual places for paperwork [drawers, aside, under, etc...] There was also some side story about an Australian launch of these...?

So I have an Oakley distributor_at_the_time_(late 80's)_turned_O-Vault Mgr (current) telling me he got his almost 25 years ago - his pics look like mine except for the logo... Yet another member is stating these may be 10 or 12 years old. Having heard from Oakley folks who have shared pics with me of their cases I am going 'older' on this. If I'm wrong please let me know and provide some means of verification.

That said - 12 or 20 years, it does not matter as much as I love this case regardless. it is one of the first and in excellent condition and I am thrilled to have it. The rest is just mason knowledge and interesting details to share with out forum brothers and sisters.


I got my info from a distribution guy for oakley he done all deliveries in UK for 20 years having said that I don't know how long after the first mega towers they started just that they were not the first in the UK they were only in stretch stores franchise stores and there where only 8 stores in the uk that had them .but again most important is you have one and you are happy . :)

Does anyone know a model# for the 14" diagonal light that runs across the top of the light fixture...i have been searching with no luck...ANY AND ALL HELP IS A PLUS

I took some pics of the light/assembly... looks like the upper assembly that clicks in is a T4. There are a few variants on the plug, so you may need to splice the wiring? Still, this may be a good place to start.


The fasteners on mine [that hold the top light/T4 and the arm for the lower] are riveted in. It appears that the T4 light assembly just pops out - there are two clips that hold it in...

Here are a few pics of mine. They are not great, but may be of some help?


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You should be good soon - that bulb should not be difficult to find :)

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