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Ned Help Picking An O Matter Frame>>


Oakley Expert
Need help picking an O matter Frame>>

I currently own 3 X metals I switch between, 2 juliets and 1 XX X metal (non-RX)

I have 3 O matter frames that are RX, Half Jacket, XX and M-Frame Strike, these are good when not wearing my contacts. The half jacket is a bit snug, rubs my eyebrows which is okay but can be annoying too..

I am thinking I would like another pair of O matter to wear with my contacts but not sure which

I am thinking of the following:
Split Jacket
Fast Jacket ( not sure if the XL will work for me)
or get an new NON-RX Strike lens for my M-Frame

here is a pic of me with my Half Jackets on..

Any suggestions?
Not a big fan of the oil rig or batwolf, I think it due to the size of the arms on them

While they are nice, they are not me..


I like the Fast Jacket, but there is a Fast Jacket XL on here for sale, not sure the XL would work for me, but the price is nice
Looks like you might want to stick with the regular fast jacket the half jackets look pretty good on you and also the juliets, the smaller lens would look the best IMO!! Hope you can get a pair!
If u dont like oil rig or batwolf, i dont onow. With ur face shape and size u need a bigger frame...eyepatch has smaller stems and bigger orbitals.
I leaning towards sporty

my Current O Matter I have that I like is the XX, Maybe I will give the fast Jacket a go.. Sporty and the ability to swap lenses..

My wife liked the Fast jacket (non XL) when I tried them on.. not sure how the XL would look