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New Purchase A Very Rare Find Of A New Styling


Oakley Beginner
i just picked up a pair of Echelon Jawbones with Vr50 Ruby transition
pretty sweet pair and the limited edition hard case with oakley 2011 etching in it!
awesome man! where did you find them? do you have pictures?
i actually got them in market street at the Ostore they had 3 come in on a shipment and i guess there is two color ways on the echelon jawbone 1st series were matte carbon fiber the ones after were a polished true carbon like the flak jackets. so i have the matte ones. (at least thats what they told me there)
There was only 1 colorway on the Echelon Jawbone. The Echelon Radar has the true carbon fiber finish and the jawbones are the matte carbon fiber. But either way, great grab, those are 1 of my favorite pairs. I love mine!! Congrats on finding them.
Gix_916- Good Grab!...And your right I was in the Store to check them out and there was TWO finishes on the Jawbone. A more Matted finish and a polished finish. I almost pulled the trigger on those too, just more of a Froggy kind of guy.

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