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New Purchase A Very Rare Find Of A New Styling


Oakley Beginner
awesome man! where did you find them? do you have pictures?
i actually got them in market street at the Ostore they had 3 come in on a shipment and i guess there is two color ways on the echelon jawbone 1st series were matte carbon fiber the ones after were a polished true carbon like the flak jackets. so i have the matte ones. (at least thats what they told me there)


Oakley Enthusiast
There was only 1 colorway on the Echelon Jawbone. The Echelon Radar has the true carbon fiber finish and the jawbones are the matte carbon fiber. But either way, great grab, those are 1 of my favorite pairs. I love mine!! Congrats on finding them.


Oakley Beginner
Gix_916- Good Grab!...And your right I was in the Store to check them out and there was TWO finishes on the Jawbone. A more Matted finish and a polished finish. I almost pulled the trigger on those too, just more of a Froggy kind of guy.