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the side, there are only a couple of oakleys that have the fold of arm to it, Juliet's, Romeo's 1 & 2, X - Squared, Mars, X Metal XX, none of the other frames have that hinge on them. also the metal does look like a strong quality. thats just what gives it way for me.


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I think the price should be an indicator as well. I think the final price with shipping came to about $30? I'd venture to say most sellers with REAL x metal Oakleys would make sure to set the reserve to a higher value, so they get at least a fraction of what they are actually worth. The fact that they are listed as just "Bronze Oakley Sunglasses" can also be a sign. Why not list their name. Lastly, when checking through the description quickly, I don't remember seeing a claim that they were authentic anywhere, which can then make easy for the seller to get around the fact that they sold non-authentic glasses because they never stated they were real in the first place.


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The seller got back to me with this response;

(I have had these glasses for about 4 or 5 years now, nowhere on the glasses it says made in china or taiwan.how would I tell.)

I have some Oakley's with the model on the inside of the temple arms. Can't have enough glasses you know. I asked him to check for a # or something there. I'm guessing all Oakley glasses don't have the model there though.

I'll hold off on the purchase until I get some more info.

I hate replica stuff.


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From my inspection. it's Un-Authentic on my end. In other Words = FAKE

Also Be aware they're are tons of X-Metal Fakes floundering around the asian market & online (ebay,craiglist etc.) some examples are here. they're mostly 1:1 Ratio sans Gasket Opening Missing.

Fake Oakley X-Squared w/ Polarized Lenses

- No Gasket Opening, No Nosebridge Rubbers attached & Curve Earstem on the end on *Some Models

Fake Oakley Juliet

- No Gasket Opening, No Nosebridge Rubbers attached Screw on the Nosebridge are not Rivets but normal screws nonetheless & Curve Earstem on the end on *Some Models

Fake Oakley Romeo 2.0




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There isn't really any more information to gather - they are fake. If you would not complete the transaction if they are fake, then make those moves now and hopefully you can come to an agreement with the seller to not purchase them.

They have x-metal like earstems, with that ellipse portion that sticks out on the earstems and would sit in the temple shocks. Yet it also has some sort of silicon nose pieces. There is no oakley frame anywhere like that, with those type of earstems and nose pieces. There are plenty of other horrible issues with the frame and earstems - much less that the lens is no where near a bronze oakley lens.

Rest assured, they are fake.


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I haven't completed the transaction nor will I. After I got back back to the seller, questioned there authenticity and told him I was talking to the experts over here, I haven't heard back from him since.

This was a last second thing. I was browsing Ebay for Oakley "sort by: ending soonest" and there they where with 2 minutes until the auction ended. Signed in, threw my bid in and won. I didn't have time to do any research.

Don't get me wrong. I don't bid and ask questions later. It just happened that way.

Thanks so much everyone for your knowledge. I'm a big Oakley fan and have found a new place for that expert advice.

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