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Let's face it, Oakley's today are by no means cheap. Most pairs run $100+, and custom pairs can go from upwards for $500. That's why I decided to put together this guide (which will hopefully grow in the future) to show some ways to earn extra cash online, to buy Oakleys, & to earn great discounts for oakleys.

1) The first method we will discuss is a great way to earn awesome discounts for NEW Oakleys. These discounts can go up to 40% off a new pair of Oakleys.

  • First Sign Up For an account at MyCokeRewards.com
  • Then Earn some points by getting codes off of Coke Product bottle caps, and soda can boxes
  • Once you have some points, Click on the "Rewards Catalog" Tab, and scroll down and over to the "MCR Points Plus"
  • Now scroll down to where it says "Find Deals" and click on that, then press continue on the popup
  • Now you should see the Oakley Icon, if you don't try searching at the top
  • Then a page with the items you can get discounts on will pop up

Some Examples of savings are:
$100 pair of Oakley Gascan's with 216 rewards points=$61.00
$110 pair of Oakley Jupiter's with 241 rewards points=$66.60

There are tons of these types of Deals, Enjoy!

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Re: Oakley Forum's guide to Earning Money/Discounts for Oakl

Thanks for this guide!! I drink a ton of Coke and never even knew you could redeem the points for Oakley Discounts!! I am going to try to combine the two above methods to get free oakleys!! :D


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thank you very much for this.......i just signed up and man theres some great deals on the glasses


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Their prices, with S/H are really, REALLY close to eBay prices (I know...warranty...I've purchased every single one of my Oakley's over the past 10 years, from cheapo's to my Pit Boss on eBay and never had a problem...or a need for the warranty)...so close it might be better to use the reward points on something else. There are a few exceptions...like the Split Jacket Ice which is in high demand right now....though it also requires the most points.


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Just thought I'd mention the way I just found to get up to 40% off discounts on Oakley's AND keep the warranty.... buy from Lens Crafters! They sell them for full retail.... unless you have a qualifying health care plan that entitles you to up to 40% off ALL the time on ALL the Oakley's they carry, which is probably 80% of the current catalog. That includes some limited edition stuff like the Breast Cancer Awareness frames and even the Pit Bosses! My girlfriend and I just got pairs of RAVISHING and ANTIX Oakley's at 40% off because she has an Aetna health care plan. My United Health Care was only 20%, so we went with hers. Good Luck!


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ucdavis4PT0gpa said:
That's funny because Lens Craters is owned by Luxottica who owns Oakley
Huh, I didn't know that! Maybe that's why they don't mind giving these sort of discounts? Keep it in house and reap more of the benefits? Who knows, I just know I got two pairs from them and saved about $100 total.... pretty awesome no doubt!


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Luxottica is owns so much it borders on being a monopoly; they own or provide the optical services for pretty much every optical locations including Pearle, Target, Sears and Cole. Oh....and they own Sunglass Hut as well

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