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Oakley Kitchen Sink


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I just purchased the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack. Been wanting this in ages...haha.. Some of you guys may know that I've been using the grey sheet metal "Book of Eli" Panel Pack before this. And since that sheet metal color of the Panel Pack is now discontinued, I don't want to wear it out, so I bought the Kitchen Sink as it is one Oakley backpack I've always wanted. This bag feels like a nice upgrade. Such a good looking backpack with a pretty large capacity. And it looks really bad a$$...haha...

One thing I noticed that is different on mine is that the inside lining of the backpack is grey with black Oakley logos whereas from all the videos and photos I've seen of the Kitchen Sink, it had a black lining on the inside with grey Oakley logos... How many variations are there for the Kitchen Sink? But like some of the newer ones, mine doesn't have the drainage holes at the bottom and the mp3 earphone connector at the top. Also, the red tabs for the side compartment zipper and the bottom compartment. Some photos of the backpack below...







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Very nice pack! I have a panel bag to and really like it, butt he kitchen sink is a top notch pack. As far as I know there are 4 variations. Stealth black, a camo one, the one you have and one that's very similar but slight color differences.

I used this for a while but it was to big. I picked up a bathroom sink and it's the perfect size for most things. But if you haul a bunch of stuff this pack is perfect!!

I found the Bathroom Sink to be too small for my everyday use.... I think the size of the Kitchen Sink is just nice for me and as my EDC. Its pretty close in capacity to the Panel Pack, maybe just slightly taller. The only thing I wish the Kitchen Sink should have is the plastic key loop so you can hang the keys inside the side compartment so you can easily access your keys, the Panel Pack has that. Other than that its pretty much perfect.
Yeah.. The Big Kitchen.. Seen it before.. It just doesn't look as cool as the Kitchen Sink though. Plus I think it's slightly too oversized. Kitchen Sink is much more proportionate. I like that it's all zipped under the top lid on the kitchen sink, better security.
The red tabs by the way are for easy pull to remove the hooks. Nice pick up.
Yeah I know.. I was referring to the red tabs on the zips for the laptop access, the two side compartments and the bottom compartment. On the older model, those compartments did not have the red tabs for the zipper, but instead were the metal padlock looking type oakley zipper.
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