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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Ted LeCouffe, 2/22/16.

  1. Ted LeCouffe

    Ted LeCouffe


    Was looking around online for black nose pieces and ear pieces for a set of pre-2012 Oakley XX's (black plastic).

    Any suggestions on where to purchase other than eBay (no current auctions) or Amazon (all sold out/unavailable)?



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  2. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

  3. Ted LeCouffe

    Ted LeCouffe

    Forgot to ask, are there any other models of Oakley glasses that have nose pieces will fit the pre-2012 plastic XX's?

    Rgr, 14 days & 15 posts.


  4. SiRacer420

    SiRacer420 Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Nope, only XX Twenty parts will fit properly. I guess you can make just about anything fit but it wont be the same. There is at least one member here that has some for sale once you reach the exchange.

  5. OakleyFreak


    Near Impossable to find the replacements for the old twentys'
    But good news they are selling for under $100 used
    maybe that would be a better option

  6. lee.s.b


    Juliet nose pieces go on.
    They don't follow the perfect contour of the original but are useable.
    Arm rubber is a harder task.

  7. Dallas O Hog

    Dallas O Hog Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Juliet rubber for xx twenty?

  8. lee.s.b


    Useable, perfect fit on the hooks but not contour to the frame.

    . Oakley XX's replacement nose/ear pieces? - IMG_20160223_191904282.jpg
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  9. jdd32


    i know someone who still has a stash of rootbeer kits BNIB

  10. Ted LeCouffe

    Ted LeCouffe

    Looks like I'll be checking eBay for a couple sets of black Juliet nose pieces (a spare set for my Juliets and a pair for my XX Twentys).

    Digging around eBay looking for parts, I'm reminded of all the great Oakley designs from the past, some I've even owned (Minutes and Eye Jackets) and I may bid on a couple sets. Great looking sunglasses.

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