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Discussion in 'Recent Frogskin Purchases' started by hkwinger, 5/23/11.

  1. hkwinger


    Just got a grab bag of Frogs. I really like this one. I have not seen an Orange iridium frog. Anyone know what the " (MI " stands for?

    Orang Iridium Frogskins - OrangeFrogs.jpg

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  2. FrogTastic


    Looks like Fire

  3. overthetop



  4. RetinaBurn


    Orange was the second color of Iridium for Oakley, Violet being the first. For as old as they are those are, they are in incredible shape. Nice find!

  5. FrogTastic



  6. hkwinger


    I was lucky enough to bump into a few museum pieces while looking for lenses and parts for my old Blades. I got 2 pairs of gen 1 neon's/orange, and those crystal blk/fire gen 2's. All of them were new in the box old stock. I have been lucky. When I see something that I may never see again, I tend to take a risk and jump on them.


  7. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    congrats to that rare grab!!!
    orange iridium looks very cool!

    pretty smart jump :D

  8. FrogTastic


    I need to step up my frogs!

  9. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member


    you donĀ“t have enough Froggies??
    hi hi

  10. FrogTastic


    Seems so, might have to step up the shopping this month

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