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Discussion in 'Oakley Collections Area' started by El Chupa Cabra, 1/10/19.

  1. El Chupa Cabra

    El Chupa Cabra

    In my collection is an original pair and... a recent pair. About 2 years ago, Del Vecchio - Lux CEO, wanted a pair of OTT's. We pulled out the original mold and were able to get about 50 pairs out of it. I was lucky enough to get one and had a custom paint job done by one of our awesome paint crew, former Fender guy. I wanted mine to look like aged copper. We didn't have any pads, but someone was working on that and they may have eventually gotten some after I left.

    Over The Top - IMG_6223.jpg

    Over The Top - IMG_6224.jpg

    Over The Top - IMG_6225.jpg

    Over The Top - IMG_6226.jpg

    Over The Top - IMG_6227.jpg

    Over The Top - IMG_6230.jpg
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  2. Bonz-1

    Bonz-1 Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Very cool stuff!!

  3. Wicked

    Wicked Premium Member

    Keep showing off...really enjoying your collection.
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  4. Slojack

    Slojack Premium Member

    So........ two years ago they un-mothballed a mold to a discontinued pair just to make some for the CEO? Depending on answer, I may dislike Lux even more.

  5. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    Ya but they wont do it for the public....


  6. El Chupa Cabra

    El Chupa Cabra

    Believe it or not... the founder liked all the crazy stuff that Oakley did. Oakley not continuing that trend, X-Metal included, was really an Oakley decision.

  7. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member


    Alot of us are under the impression that was LUX's decision
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  8. Slojack

    Slojack Premium Member

    Enquiring minds would like to know.
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  9. El Chupa Cabra

    El Chupa Cabra

    As manufacturing costs increased, we under pressure to be more profitable. The amazing engineers in manufacturing came up with the 5-minute line. From plastic pellet to in the box ready to ship in 5 mins, actually 6 but the goal was to get to 5. You now had a max of three people working this line, from what was 15-20 in the past. Those machines are perfect for Holbrooks and Frogskins. Not much else in my opinion and the design team is creating product to be made in those machines. There's one line now that is fully automated, no hands touch the eyewear at all. The X-metal plant became costly and the process was dangerous and toxic. There is no leader within the organization now that is design driven.

  10. Medusa50


    Vanilla. The compant now specializes in vanilla.

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