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Polished Juliet with Chrome Polarized Iridium lenses....


Oakley Expert
OK...so I have a POLISHED Juliet frame and am having some custom cuts made that are Chrome Polarized Iridium. I was wondering if I should use a black OEM rubber kit, or get a rubber kit from LINEGEAR in SAND GRAY? Looking for opinions...or if anyone has a pic with a Juliet with Chrome Polarized Iridium lenses. Curious to see what they would look like. I'm on the fence about the black or sand grey rubbers. Hmmm....thoughts?

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i like the sand gray. i have them on an Xmetal color frame Juliet.

looking at my Xmetals... out of 9 metals i only have black rubbers on 2 of them, and both of those are black frames. one of those two i am actually changing to red as soon as i get my ruby polar lenses cut for them. so... yea i guess i can see why i say go with the sand gray. lol.

Chrome Polars

I like the black bridge!! I have a few sets in black....might as well pick up a grey set just to see. Sand is the closest color to the high polish....right?

Yes. I use sand grey on all my polished frames to blend in nicely. There's also a special run called light grey only available for earsock and tshocks

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