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Want to view this complete exchange listing and contact the seller before its too late? Become a Premium Member Today for instant access! Don't miss out!

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Juliet Enthusiast

    Hey guys....I've been kicking around the idea lately of making Pop cards to display with my pairs....Some of these are original Oakley design and some are custom made. The images are printed on Glossy photo paper and inserted in a clear plastic top-loader. The cards fit nicely in Oakley Black Plastic Card Stands....Only looking to trade the Oakley cards and sell/trade the custom ones...These are offered in 4" X 6", 5" X 7" and 8" X 10". Let me know what you guys think....here are some examples....

    Pop Cards...... - 8y9a3y9e.jpg

    Pop Cards...... - tu3utaga.jpg

    Pop Cards...... - eme3asa9.jpg

    Pop Cards...... - gu4aqu2y.jpg

    Pop Cards...... - a9e8e6ar.jpg
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    No pics Dyer.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous is an Oakley whore

    Pretty cool!
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Juliet Enthusiast

    Currently available is Barras, C100, Chantry, Donwood, Flores, HiJinx, Infinite Hero, Jordan Mars, Jordan Romeo, Jordan Juliet, Juliet Ducati, Kozik, London Police, 3 Mad Science, Mambo, Mars, Monster Dog, Pendleton, Pimple, Romeo, Time Tank, Todd Francis, Tron PB and WITK...If you have any artwork included in pairs you'd like a card for like feel free to PM me and then email an image....I'll see what I can do

    Coming soon...TLD Love/Hate....that'll be a cool one!
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    these are cool! not sure about the size. what kind of price are you thinking?
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Juliet Enthusiast

    Why are you not sure about the size? The only other option would probably be baseball card size? I was thinking $3, $5, $7 and $10 shipped CONUS...I just want to cover ink, paper, protectors and shipping. Not looking to make a huge profit.....just provide some cool display items.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I provided that Dennis Rodman ad a while back and never got a response from who all said they were going to clean up the image. Is that what you are doing? Or are you just putting the image straight to paper?

    I do love the idea tho!
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Juliet Enthusiast

    I'm just putting the images to paper. Resizing and cleaning up a little but nothing crazy. I cannot print posters. This is all done on my home computer. Just an idea to add to my display. Thought others may take an interest.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Team RamRod Staff Member

    I think I would be interested in some TLD stuff. I have the Piston Bone, Phobia, and Love Hate. Anything planned on those?
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Juliet Enthusiast

    Sure. Waiting on L/H artwork. Send me some PB and Phobia art if you have it. I'll work on it this weekend.