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Prism lenses causing sickness


Oakley Beginner
Hello everyone new to The forum I just found it today. So I'm having a problem that I did some research and googling and didn't see anyone else discussing this so that's why I'm here, I've been wearing a pair of 12 plus year old Oakley whiskers that originally had the gold iridium lenses but over the years I've had those lenses replaced several times and then after they discontinued them and I could no longer get the lenses I was putting in Brown polarized that were close to the gold and have never had a problem wearing the sunglasses for over 10 years. But sadly they've gotten pretty beaten up over the years and I thought it was time to finally trade up. I purchased a new pair of Oakley square wires with the tungsten color which I guess is the pretty much the same as the gold lenses I had before and the prism lenses and I wore these for about an hour a couple of days ago and immediately felt light-headed and dizzy and sick to my stomach like I wanted to throw up. I thought this was strange but I thought okay new sunglasses and the new patented prism lenses maybe my eyes just needed to get used to them, so I wore them again a few days later including today I went out for about 15 minutes with them on and felt fine while I had them on for that 15 minutes but then upon coming in the house and taking them off shortly after taking them off started getting dizzy and nauseated again and this feeling continues on all day it doesn't go away after a short period of taking them off it basically screws me up for the whole day. My question to all of you is has this happened to anybody else? And is it the prism technology that is causing the problem because my eyesight isn't perfect but I had an exam fairly recent and my vision as he said was very slight off like .25 or something like that he said I don't really need glasses yet but I will down the road but also what might be important information is I have a slight stigmatism that I didn't even know existed until I tried looking through a red dot rifle scope and noticed the dot was all blurry instead of clean like it should be it looked like a whole bunch of little dots scattered and I was told that's because of a astigmatism. So I'm wondering if the prism technology along with me having astigmatism is somehow messing with my eyes and I'm wondering if I should return them while I still can or if this is something my eyes will adjust to if I keep wearing them but I'm not enjoying being sick all day after wearing them and I can wear my old whiskers without any issue and what's funny is while I was writing this post I noticed that the whiskers are now back listed on the website even though they were discontinued years ago but they have replaced the gold iridium lenses with the tungsten prisms otherwise I would just buy those again because I can wear those fine it's something with these prism lenses causing issue it seems.

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I didn’t even read your entire post - but I can almost certainly say that it’s a polarized issue that actually being caused by a slight twist in your wire frame. This is a common problem with wire sunglasses. Way back in 96 I had a pair of e wire that after being put in the pocked got twisted very slightly - even with no polarisation the image was no longer optically perfect.
It took me years to realise it was the frame not the lenses.

This is why only TRUE Oakley is a shield lens! 😉😃

Sounds like you need to tell this to an ophthalmologist and bring him or her the sunglasses in question.
In my experience these kind of experts are not always in the know. I work for a few of them - the stuff they dare not tackle. Except our very own Chris. @Chris A Hardaway

I’m not an anti intellectual in any way but the amount of folk who ignore what I tell them and go with the 19 year olds advice in an opticians is rather funny. 😃

I'm with others here. If the polarisation isn't identical on both frames either because the frame is twisted or the lens were cut wrong you can get a severe headache and eye strain with two lenses giving conflicting amounts of polarization.

And like Jon said I've seen a couple cheap aftermarket lens where the polarization wasn't matching and it's a real headache. But I haven't come across that in prizm unless it was custom cut and not quite aligned in the frame.

I don't know how stigmatism affects between two polarized lens but that could also be a factor.



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